HSCA organization and rules

The Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association is a non-profit 501(C)(3) . Donations are acepted to help educate about and promote canoe sailing in Hawaii.

PDF file of HSCA Rules: HSCA Rules 2011

PDF file of race/event waiver:ACA_waiver_minor       Adult ACA Waiver 

ACA_Logo_bwHSCA logo

2015 HSCA Executive Board :

President:           Kirsten Esibill

Vice President:  Katie Stephens

Secretary:          Ikaika Kinkaid

Treasurer:         Ray Glauser

2015 HSCA Officers:

Safety Officer:   Derek Esibill

Cultural Adviser:  Hualalai Keaweoluna Keohuloa

Big Island Representative:  Jun Bulaga

Maui Representative:       Ted Barrett

Oahu Representatives:     Kirsten and Derek Esibill/Kalai Miller

Kauai Representative:       Donny Jones

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