2022 Race Results

What a great weekend we had to start our 2022 season off!  It was like a family reunion to see everyone happy and healthy after our long “Off-Season” due to the pandemic.  Mahalo to everyone who came together to make the first weekend back racing a safe and successful event!  

The race Friday, June 3 from Kahului to Ka’anapali took our crews about 3 hours and the order of the finishing canoes was (points): 

  1. Olukai (7)
  2. Awahi Wind (6)
  3. Maui Jim (5)
  4. Ka’anapali Beach Hotel (4)
  5. Hui Nalu (3)
  6. Hawaiian Vikings (2)
  7. Ka’anapali Beach Resort Association (1)

The Wa’a Kia Kahi event on Saturday, June 4 was a great opportunity for our association to share the knowledge, Mana, and Aloha of our crews with the visitors and locals on Ka’anapali Beach. Although we shut down operations early due to high winds, we were able to safely welcome nearly 150 people.  All of the participants were thrilled with their experience with our crews! Great work everyone! 

That evening we came together at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel banquet room and enjoyed a delicious taco bar donated by Hula Grill Ka’anapali.  This was their way to say Mahalo for all that we shared with the Ka’anapali community.  HSCA provided an open bar and many great conversations and stories were shared.  

On Sunday, June 5 we set sail to race from Ka’anapali to Waimanalo, which is a course the association hasn’t raced in many years.  All crews made it safely across the Pailolo, Kalohi, and Ka’iwi safely with the all the canoes hitting the beach under 7.5 hours!  Way to go everyone!  The order of finish for the race:

  1. Olukai (7)
  2. Ka’anapali Beach Hotel (6)
  3. Maui Jim (5)
  4. Hui Nalu (4)
  5. Auwahi Wind (3)
  6. Hawaiian Vikings and Ka’anapali Beach Association both got towed in.

July 9:

The race from Waimanalo to Kahana Bay began with a scramble through the shore break of Waimanalo Beach then some great conditions around Mokulua Islands of Lanikai then around Mokumanu Island off of Kane’ohe.  The sailing canoes traveled the 21 miles to Kahana Bay in less than 2.5 hours with the following results and points awarded:

1.  Maui Jim (7)

2.  Awahi Wind (6)

3.  Hui Nalu (5)

4.  Olukai (4)

5.  Ka’anapali Beach Hotel (3)

6.  Ka’anapali Beach Association (2)

7.  Hawaiian Viking (1)

The race on Sunday, July 10 brought crews back to Kahana Bay to continue their trek around O’ahu with the final destination of Hale’iwa Beach on the North Shore 24 miles away.  Crews had to navigate the breaking waves along the East Shore to Kahuku Point with favorable winds all the way to Hale’iwa where crews finished in less than 2.5 hours.  We had a nice pa’ina on Hale’iwa Beach to talk-story about our amazing weekend together.  

1.  Maui Jim (6)

2.  Olukai (5)

3.  Ka’anapali Beach Hotel (4)

4.  Hui Nalu (3)

5.  Ka’anapali Beach Association (2)

6.  Awahi Wind (1)

Na Holokai

Winds were up to 20 knots with 5 ft seas.

1. Olukai, Kauai, Capt. Jason Dameron, 7 hrs , 40 min

2.  Maui Jim, Kauai, Capt. Donnie Jones , 7 hrs, 52 min

3.  Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, Maui, Capt. Ray Glauser, 7 hrs, 57 min

4.  Hui Nalu, Oahu, Capt. Bobby Hastings, 8 hrs, 10 min

5.   Kamalii O Ke Kai, Oahu, Capt. Ikaika Kinkaid, 8 hrs, 24 min

6.  Ka’anapali Beach Association, Maui, Capt. Jimmy Kinkaid, 10 hrs, 17 min

photo: Gloria Reed

photo: Gloria Reed
Na Holokai, Photo Gloria Reed/ Rick Wilson
Na Holokai Finish, Photo Gloria Reed/ Rick Wilson
Na Holokai Finish, Photo Gloria Reed/ Rick Wilson
Na Holokai Start, Photo Gloria Reed/ Rick Wilson

photo: Gloria Reed
photo: Gloria Reed
photo: Gloria Reed
photo: Gloria Reed
photo: Gloria Reed
Photo: Gloria Reed
Photo: Tracey Dudley
Photo: Gloria Reed
Photo: Rick Wilson
Photo: Gloria Reed
Photo: Alex Reinprecht