Wa’a Kiakahi Race weekend pictures and results

June 2, 2013 Kaanapali Beach , Maui to Kaunakai, Molokai Winds 20-30 knots seas 4-6 ft, Incredible race! New records set!!
1. White Orchid Wedding, Maui Capt. Ray Glauser 1:35
2. Olukai, Kauai, Capt. Marvin Otsuji  1:37
3. Maui Jim, Kauai, Capt. Donny Jones 1:38
4. Kamali’i o Ke Kai, Oahu, Capt. Michael Kinkaid 1:38
5. Kamakakoa, Oahu, Capt. Kalai Miller 1:42
Nalu Koa, Maui, Capt. Ted Barrett swamped  near finish and was towed in.
Double hull dismasted and paddled in.
Many steering blades broken

Check out the amazing pictures taken by Megan Juran, click here

Friday, May 31, 2013, Kahului Harbor to Kaanapali Beach, Maui

1. Maui Jim 2:15

2. Nalu Koa

3. Olukai

4. Whitre Orchid Wedding

5. Kamali’i o Ke Kai

6. Kamakakoa

More pictures to come!

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