2014 First Race Results, Keokea to Hana to Kahului


Entering Hana Harbor, 5/3/2014, photo by Gloria Reed

The first races of the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association’s (HSCA) 2014 season from Keokea, (Big Island) to Hana and from Hana to Kahului, took place last weekend. Crews spent many hours rigging the canoes at Keokea Beach Park on Friday, followed by Saturday and Sunday racing. Although wind conditions were generally light across the Hawaiian Islands, we happily encountered more wind than we expected during our races and had periods of good sailing along with the periods of hard paddling.

IN 2013 HSCA added an “Unlimited” division to allow crafts not conforming to the standard sailing canoe specs to race along with us. Last year we enjoyed having the double hulled canoe Ka’ihekauila from the Big Island with us for several of our races, and this year we welcomed the lightweight “unlimited” canoe Ke Alaula built and captained by Nakoa Prejean at our first race.
Race results from the Big Island-Maui races (canoe, home island & captain):
Saturday, May 3 KEOKEA TO HANA
Traditional Class
1. Kamakani Eleu/Olukai , Kauai (Field) –                                3 hrs, 47 min
2. Nalu Koa, Maui (Barrett) –                                                      3 hrs, 47 min., 30 sec.
3. Aukai O Maui/White Orchid Wedding, Maui (Glauser) – 3 hrs, 51 min.
4. Tui Tonga/Team Maui Jim, Kauai(Jones) –                         3 hrs, 54 min.
5. Kamakakoa/Team Liquid Aloha, Oahu (Miller) –               4 hrs, 11 min
   One Kai, Oahu (Buckman) –                                                    4 hrs, 2 min, 30 sec 
Unlimited Class
Ke Alaula, Oahu (Prejean) –                                                        3 hrs, 39 min 
Traditional Class
1. Tui Tonga/Team Maui Jim, Kauai (Jones) –                     3 hrs, 43 min.
2. Kamakani Eleu/Olukai, Kauai (Field) –                              3 hrs, 44 min.
3. Nalu Koa, Maui (Barrett) –                                                    3 hrs, 51 min, 30 sec.
4. Aukai O Maui/White Orchid Wedding, Maui (Glauser) – 3 hrs, 54 min, 30 sec.
5. Kamakakoa/Team Liquid Aloha, Oahu (Miller) –              3 hrs, 57 min.
   One Kai, Oahu (Buckman) –                                                   4 hrs, 9 min 
Unlimited Class
Ke Alaula, Oahu (Prejean) –                                                     3 hrs, 59 min
Ke Alaula Photo by Gloria Reed

Ke Alaula
Photo by Gloria Reed

More Pictures to be posted soon!
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